In Armando Montelongo

First and foremost, this is a civil lawsuit and the facts of the case will become clear as we present them.


The Armando Montelongo system is and has always been about working at following a system.

Unfortunately there is a small group of people, 164 out of more than 1.5 million people, who have come through the Armando Montelongo Companies, that have decided that continuous hard work is not for them.

Now, they have chosen to try and make money the easy way by clogging up our legal system with a frivolous lawsuit.

We have compelling evidence that many of these complainants have successfully completed real estate deals since learning our system. In fact, many of them have now gone on to open competitive real estate investment companies.

The Armando Montelongo Companies will be filing a counter lawsuit against them and looks forward to the battle of bringing these individuals to justice.

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