In Armando Montelongo

The ad agency for Armando Montelongo Companies, Montelongo Media, was chosen to to represent the small and medium sized business in the United States, as part of the Small & Medium Business (SMB) Facebook Council.

It’s a big honor, because Facebook chooses only 10-12 businesses to join the Council. As members they will stay informed on the latest happenings at Facebook. On council day, they will learn from various teams such as Product, Creative Shop, Instagram, and more. These businesses will serve to help determine what works well and what doesn’t when it comes to Facebook ads.

Testing and Perseverance

As the first San Antonio business and all female Latina media buying team to be on the SMB FB Council, Marlene Romo Flores, Digital Advertising Manager, said that “their success came from a lot of testing…they knew exactly where they want to be, what their goals were with the ads…but the thing that helped them get to where they are was trial and error.”

That comes as no surprise considering Montelongo Media is a direct response advertising company. They were able to triple their online registrants just through interest based targeting.

“A bigger budget doesn’t always mean bigger results, it’s the smarter budget that makes the difference. We were able to get our cost down to $2.58 per click.”

Their ads focus on bold, colorful, and attention grabbing images all while limiting their amount of space and characters, grabbing the reader’s attention and getting them straight to the point.

Things proceed to move forward with the addition of a new blood to the Montelongo Media digital team. Jessica Ramirez, their Digital Media Specialist, was able to bring new, different ideas and a new brain to bounce ideas off of.

“This was the first company that gave me the chance to go all in,” says Jessica. “It’s been an exciting journey since day one… planning, strategizing and creating ads… just seeing everything that I do come to life and seeing it work is just awesome.”



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