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Armando Montelongo was flipping houses in real life and on TV long before “Flip or Flop” came along.

On his new show “Flipping Nightmares” he told us he’s ready to take back his title of King of the flip.

“Our show is different because we’re literally showing the worst of the worst,” Montelongo told Fox News. “It’s not like other house-flipping shows that their budgets are subsidized by the network. These are real numbers and real budgets.”

Montelongo, who starred in the first season of “Flip This House” in 2005, said fans have grown tired of what he calls “cookie cutter flipping show.”

Armando’s New Flipping Show

“Fans are tired of being bored of house flipping shows,” he told us. That’s why he decided to get back into the reality TV show business.

“[Fans told me], ‘We want the original house flipper back. We want the guy who started this all to do a house flipping show.’ And truth be told, I was bust my a– with my businesses for eight years but now it’s time and we’re having so much fun making the show.”

This time around, Montelongo is joined by his wife Whittney. At first, she was reluctant to appear on the show.

“She really didn’t want to be on the TV show,” Montelongo said. “But I kind of convinced her to be on the show against her will. She’s fantastic! She is America’s next sweetheart.”

The real estate developer said her good looks might be what he fell for at first, but he soon learned Whittney is the “sweetest person” he’s ever met.

“She’s the voice of calm and the voice of reality,” he said of his wife. “She not only helps decorate on the show but she’s really the voice of reasoning since I don’t have the most logic.”



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