In Armando Montelongo, Flip

Tour a house with Armando Montelongo that his students Dan and Kay have rehabbed. Dan and Kay completed the project and now have listed the property on the market in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

First of all, the couple attended one of Armando’s Bus Tours in 2013 and mastered Armando’s proven house flipping system. Most of all, since completing their education, they have flipped nearly 50 properties.

This house was abandoned for some 25 years and had all kinds of junk stored in it. The structure, frame and foundation were in good shape, so they had some good assets to build on.

Dan and Kay gave it a fresh exterior look with a new coat of stucco, new  frames around exterior windows, new landscaping and a new front door. Inside the house, they converted the 2 bedroom/1 bathroom layout into a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom floorplan, knocked out a wall between the kitchen and living room, remade the kitchen, added a bathroom and added new floors.

The best part of this flip is that some of the materials Dan and Kay used came from other flips — further lowering the cost of their flip even more!

Learning to Succeed

Dan and Kay are examples of the kind of success that students can create once they learn Armando’s system to Find, Fund, Fix and Flip houses. In their training, Dan and Kay learned how to:

  • find undervalued houses and quickly and accurately estimate repair costs.
  • find funding to complete their deals
  • work with contractors to finish repair projects on time and under budget
  • price their fixed-up home so it sells fast — and profitably

Watch Dan and Kay share with Armando how they put his lessons into action. In this process they have turned this eyesore of a property into a house that any homeowner will be proud to own. And check out Armando’s reaction to the inspiring success of his students.






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