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It seems like one of the biggest challenges in this industry is to get the Realtors to call you back.

Unfortunately, you really have no control over them, but you do have control over how you approach them. Here are a few tips for making yourself someone that the realtor will want to call back right away.

  • Sell them on you being a cash buyer. You have money burning a hole in your pocket and you are wanting to secure a property right away.
  • Solve the real estate agent’s problem in your initial conversations with them. Get a feel for how active they are by asking how many properties they closed last month or year. From that, you can get a feel for the type of income they can expect. Once you know their number of properties, talk about how you would like to do a certain number of properties each month and you’d love for them to be your agent. Let them know you are really loyal to your agents when they take good care of you.
  • Use phrases like “I don’t want to waste your time…” and “I want to make this as easy as possible for you by…” When they do respond and don’t quite give you what you are looking for, always thank them for their efforts and acknowledge their work then ask if you can just tweak things slightly.
  • Even though you may know a lot about real estate, let them think like they are the expert.
  • Don’t ever burn a bridge with them. If they don’t get you properties, leave the door open for them to send you something in the future. Remember, you will always be interested in the right properties.

Dealing with real estate agents can be a delicate balance between being persistent and being patient.

They are trained to work with retail customers, who buy one house every 7-10 years. It may take them a while to get the idea of buying multiple properties each month.


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