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When you’re sitting at home, relaxing and watching one of your favorite home improvement
shows, one thing on almost every new homeowner’s wish list is an open concept layout. But
before you start knocking down walls in your newly purchased property or your family home,
stop and think, are open layouts just a trend or are they really here to stay? We’ve put
together a list of pros for open and closed concepts, so that you can make the right decision –
opened or closed?

What is an open concept?

An open floor plan simply means a layout that has one or more large, open (who would’ve
thought) rooms that function as multiple rooms within a single living space. The most common
plan combines the kitchen, dining and living room into one shared area.

Why everyone is choosing an open floor plan…

  • Homes with smaller square footage seem larger
    Walls take up space. By removing the walls and creating one big room, it can really open up your home, no matter what your square footage is.
  • One big happy family
    Having an open floor plan allows the person cooking to interact with the people in the living or dining room, which is great for entertaining and forcing your family to socialize 🙂
  • Eagle eye
    Parents are able to keep an eye on their children playing in the room next door while they’re cooking or setting up for a dinner party.
  • Increases natural light
    Removing walls allows sunlight from the windows to illuminate an entire floor, rather than just a single room

Advantages of open concept

  • Privacy
    If you’re someone that needs their own separate space, an open concept may not be for you. Having closed walls allow you to work peacefully and quietly.
  • Easier to clean and contain messes
    Constantly cleaning can get tiresome. Having walls and doors to hide your mess can come in handy when unexpected visitors drop by.
  • No weird smells
    Even if it taste good, it doesn’t always mean it smells good. Cooking in an open kitchen allows the smell to spread throughout the entire house, and getting rid of the smell isn’t always easy.
  • More rooms, more things!
    More rooms means more spaces for specific uses. Not only can you have a kitchen, living, and dining room, but you can turn the room into an office, art studio, guest room or whatever you need.

As you can see, there is not one perfect floor plan. In order to choose the best concept for your home, you need to think about features are most important to you.



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