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So, what’s more important? How you think or what you do? Are your thoughts more important than your vocation? So, obviously, whenever we’re saying what you do, we’re not necessarily talking about action, because actions are always very, very important.

But, when it comes down to making the most amount of income, when it comes down to having the life that you want, whether it’s the wealth that you want or the family that you want, how you think versus what you do, which one of those is more important?

Well, let’s look at this. The thought versus the actual job, in this case, the actual vocation. So, the average major league baseball player makes $2.7 million. Now, that’s what the average makes. Most people go, “That’s an amazing income. That’s great income. I would die for that kind of income.”

And that’s what the average one makes. The average salesperson, the average salesman, or the average salesperson makes $41,000 a year. Now, the average DJ makes less than $30,000 a year. Now everyone will look at this and say, “Man, if I’m not a baseball player, my life’s going to completely suck, because the only way I can make a lot of money is if I’m a professional baseball player. Because I’m completely out of luck if I’m a salesman, I’m completely out of luck if I’m a DJ that doesn’t make any money”.

But, these are the average salesmen, the average major league baseball player, and the average DJ. However, the top 1%, and let’s talk about the top income earners. The top income earner for major league baseball makes over $27 million a year.

Top salespeople make well over $2 million a year and almost rival a major league baseball player’s salary, even though it’s the average salary, and the top DJ, Calvin Harris, makes over $48 million a year.

So, what’s more important? Is it your vocation or is it how you think? So, this is something that millionaires know and that people of all success know that your job doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you think about that job and that process. Think about your actions as you begin to get up in the morning and you begin to prepare for your job.

If your actions are like, “Ah, shit. I’ve got to get out of bed, because, ah, I’ve got to go to work. And, ah, it’s going to be another tough, rough day.” Then, what actually happens is you’ve set off a chain of events that your productivity for the day is going to be less than you are actually capable of.

And then your pay will be commensurate with your actual productivity, which is a tough thing for people to hear. I made the comment one time, I said, “Listen, people are paid what they’re worth.”

I was in a live event doing it. I had people raising their hand going, “I’m worth a lot more than this! I’m worth a lot more than that! I’m worth way more than I’m ever paid.”

And here’s the interesting thing. I remember one time I had a group of friends when I was 18 years old, and we liked to hang out and we liked to go out and do things that 18 year olds like to do. Then, at age 30, I had met a mentor who began teaching me how to go and make money.

I remember hanging around these individuals and one of my old friends had a couple of sons and they were coming to my house. And I had begun to make money and I’m always happy and willing to share, but I noticed one thing.

His sons, when they would come over to my house, would consume all my fruit. Any fruit or food left out on the countertops, they would just go and buzz saw and consume it. I said, “Hey,” I’ll just call him Joe, to protect the somewhat innocent. I said, “Joe, your kids are buzz sawing through my fruit. Are you feeding your kids?” He goes, “Times have been a little bit tough.” I go, “What are you doing for work?” He goes, “Well, I’m not.” I said, “What do you mean ‘not working’?” He goes, “They’re not paying me enough.” I go, “Go get a job as a waiter.” You worked in restaurants when we were kids. At least go get a job.

When we were kids you worked at a restaurant, go get a job as a waiter, so you can feed your kids.” He goes, “They only pay me $15 bucks an hour and I’m worth way more than that.” And I said, “Joe, your kids are starving. You’re paid what you are worth.” And it all comes down to how we think. Now, if in the morning you think, “Man, I’m going to do my very best.”

Even if you absolutely hate the job, even if you absolutely hate what you’re doing… And by the way, in a minute, I’m going to show you how to find something that you absolutely love dong. But, even if you hate the job that you’re doing, studies have proven that if you get up and just do your best at your job, two things are going to happen.

One, your attitude begins to change to the job and you become better at the job. Thinking about how you’re going to be more efficient and you become better at the job. And, two, as you become more efficient and better at your job, because your attitude has changed prior to that, your income will also begin to rise.

Thus, people begin to fill more fulfilled and better paid for your job and become happier with your job. So, it’s not if you fall into a great job, and then you have a great attitude; it’s you begin to have the great attitude, and then the job becomes great.

See, too many people think about, “You’ve applied for a job and you’re excited, you started a brand new job.” And, six months later, you’re like, “This job sucks.” And you go apply for another job and you’re happy and on fire for the first few months.

Then, you’re like, “This job sucks.” So, what happens is how we think about our income, how we think about our life, and how we think about our money is going to absolutely dictate the amount of money that we put out there or the amount of money that we actually go and we put in our pockets.

And here’s the interesting thing, the mindset that we have leads into the direct actions that we take. If we have a lethargic mindset, if we have a mindset that we’re not going to believe in ourselves or a mindset that it can’t happen or a mindset that you’re never going to be wealthy or financially free, then guess what?

You’re one hundred percent correct. Some of the smartest people that I’ve ever, ever, ever met, some of the smartest people I’ve ever met have been the most broke. Because, they’re the ones who are the most certain that their way is right and no one else knows more than them. And they can’t get out of the fix or the problems or the challenges they’re in.

Some of the wealthiest people I’ve ever met have been some of the most curious, open-minded individuals that were interested in learning from other individuals, how to increase themselves as a person, increase their income, and increase their businesses.

So, it truly comes down from how our mindsets are going to begin to think and begin to shift, and then move over to be able to increase the higher levels of income.

Think about this. The average major league baseball player receives a salary of $2.7 million. You might say, “Well, this guy”… And here’s how people discount it in their mind. They go, “This guy, he’s just a freak of nature.” That’s the same thing as saying somebody who’s wealthy in business say, “That guy got lucky.” And what you do is you begin to discount and say, “That can never happen to me, because I’m not that”.

What do you think the work ethic is between these individuals? What do you think the thought process is between these individuals? Between the top earners and the average? What do you think the top earners in sales think every morning versus those who only average $41,000?

You might say, “Yeah, but it depends upon the industry.” Not really. I remember when I was a kid, I sold cars. And I was terrible at it, because I was just too honest. But, I remember there was this guy and, by the way, I sold two cars in two months. And the average car salesman at that time was earning under $25,000 a year. But, there was this guy by the name of Ali. And Ali was making over $200,000 a year. Now, this was 15 years ago, over $200,000 a year and his mindset was completely different than anybody else.

You might say, “Yeah, but he had to be dishonest and he had to be untruthful, because I know those car salesman.” Well, listen, there are a lot of slippery, sleazy ones. But there are also a lot of good salespeople in business. People who actually care and who actually want to go and help you advance and control your businesses to a much higher level.

What they’ve learned is this, it has to start with the right attitude from the moment they get up and they have to begin doing something that they call pre-frame. And when you pre-frame your mind, think of a pre-frame as this: somebody go says, “We’re going to go to this party. This party is going to… I don’t know, man… It may not be any good. It’s going to suck.” You go in with the idea that that party is going to suck. But your friends go and say, “We’re going to go to this party. This party’s going to rock! This is going to be the most amazing party and we’re going to love this party. Like, we’ve got to go to this party. It’s going to rock!”.

Guess what? You go in with that mindset with, “This is going to be a damn good time.” It’s called the pre-frame and no one pre-frames us like ourselves. And, so, this process starts every morning.

What do you think that a top DJ does? You think a top DJ goes out there and just plays a party on Saturday nights, and does a few little DJ gigs? Or do you think a top DJ is out there practicing his art, practicing his craft, all the time, everyday, even when he’s not on stage expanding his music base so that he can be a top or the top income earner?

So, our mindset is going to dictate our actions. And our actions are going to dictate how much we practice and how we practice is going to dictate how well we actually go and do on the field. And how we do on the field is going to dictate our money. So, getting your mindset right is going to be absolutely critical for success.

We’ll be teaching you more about the millionaire mindset. Thanks for joining us and we’ll talk to you soon.



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